Cenote Ik-Kil

Cenote Ik-Kil

The Sacred Blue Cenote, a place where only Mayan Kings can access

Surrounded by rich vegetation and cascades of lianas, the jungle gives way to a body of crystal clear water that invites you to freshen yourself the same way that Mayan royalty did.

There are some who believe that in Merida alone, there are more than 7,000 cenotes, but only some of them are open to the sky. Yet with its natural beauty, accessibility and a glorious past, Ik´Kil has it all.

Ik´Kil is the most visited place if you’re staying near Chichén Itzá. It’s only three kilometres away from it, 30 minutes’ drive from Valladolid City and a couple of hours’ journey time from Cancún. This wonder of nature is located inside the eco-archaeological park of Ik´Kil and offers various services to its visitors such as restaurants and restrooms, a local handcraft shop, hire lockers, lifejackets, towels and accommodation in huts that even feature a jacuzzi.

Also known as the Sacred Blue Cenote, in the Maya language Ik´Kil means Windy Place and it’s one of the most popular visitor attractions. In the past, only Mayan royalty was allowed to access Ik´Kil.

With an almost perfect circular shape of 60 meters in diameter, the cenote Ik´Kil turns any regular activity such as swimming or simply just relaxing in its clear waters into a unique experience.

Thanks to the regular preservation of its natural surroundings and continuous maintenance of the site, this eco-archaeological park is home to a number of different species of birds such as cardinals, cenzontles, parrots, toucans and the turquoise mot-mot (also known as Toh), a characteristic species of bird from this region. Monkeys and deer also live in the area.

Debido a la preservación del medio ambiente y el mantenimiento de este El parque ecoarqueológico, es posible observar que la vasta vegetación y árboles son hogar de cardenales, cenzontles, loros, tucanes y el turquesa mot-mot o también conocido como Toh, especie característica de esta región entre otras aves; además se han podido apreciar avistamientos de venados y monos.

Below is some information about Ik´Kil that you should consider in order to make your visit even more enjoyable:

  • The height of the cenote is 27 meters and the water is 50 meters deep. There are lifejackets available at the cenote in case you don’t feel comfortable swimming in such deep waters.
  • Opening times are 8am to 5pm, seven days a week.  
  • You’ll be required to shower before you enter the pool at the cenote. We recommend that visitors use eco-friendly sunblock, because this helps to preserve the environment. The water is home to various species of fish including catfish, along with frogs and even tortoises.
  • You can hire lockers, towels and lifejackets.
  • We recommend bringing a swimming costume, towels and sandals with you.
  • Access to the cenote is down a set of steps that lead to verandas at the top where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding areas. There’s also a five-metre diving platform in to the pool. We recommend bringing an underwater camera for your visit.
  • In the restaurant the visitor can enjoy the traditional local dishes such as pork loin in plum sauce and the typical drink of the region, Xtabentún.
  • In the clear waters of the cenote you’ll be able to spot various types of small fish swimming around you, including catfish.

Ik´Kil is without a doubt a dreamlike paradise. Your eyes will take a few moments to absorb all the splendour and beauty that will surround you. In this sacred place for the Maya, your senses will relax and the silence that embraces your mind will transform the noise of your own thoughts into a smooth melodic whisper. Ik´Kil is a place where Mother Nature converses softly with its visitors. 

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