Kukulcan Nights at Chichen Itza

Kukulcan Nights at Chichen Itza

Enlightening Mayan mythology

Experience the mysticism of the Mayans by night in Chichén Itzá, where history and religion get together and join forces in an amazing spectacle of magic and light.
“After building our world, the gods realised that sunrise was near, that it was time to create those who would feed them and also pay them tribute. It was time to create men on the face of the earth.
Their creator took a gemstone as a seed and planted it. From deep in the earth, a tree grew tall and became a ceiba (or yaxché, sacred Mayan tree)
Later, four trees grew around it. Each of those trees represented one the cardinal points. To the north was the white ceiba, to the west the black ceiba, to the south the yellow ceiba and to the east the red ceiba. All antagonistic colours that work together to balance the different forces of the cosmos.
Along the ceiba the universe opens itself in three stages, where we can find the endless cycle of life: Earth, heaven and the underworld”.
This is how our tale of the “Kukulcán Nights” (Noches de Kukulcán) begins. A forty-five-minute walk by night through the main archaeological monuments of Chichén Itzá is followed by a twenty-five minute show of lights and sound that takes you on a journey through history, myths and Mayan cosmogony. Narrative, music and colours are projected in synchronization over the pyramid of “Templo de Kukulcán” (The Castle).
If you are thinking of attending the show, it is important to consider the following:

  • Book your admission prior to your visit. You can queue at the gate to buy your tickets but there is a limit to the number of visitors to the site.
  • You will be allowed to take photographs or video but without the use of flash, tripods or selfie sticks.
  • We recommend you wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring water with you and deposit all your waste in the appropriate recycling containers.
  • Always follow the signposted walkways and listen carefully to instructions from the authorised staff.

Come and enjoy the amazing “Kukulkán Nights”. We promise it will be a different experience as you will find out that its magic is not only a product of technology.
If you decide to go on this nocturnal adventure, in order to enjoy it thoroughly we recommend you book your place in advance.
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